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A Story Of Survival
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Reader reviewed by Arshy

The Story of Survival

A review by Arshy


This is an extordinary story by Alison Leslie Gold. This book is written by Alison but is told by Hannah Goslar.

This book is about a remarkable girl and her family and friends who survived a brutal war.

Hannah Goslar talks about her day-to-day life when she was just like every other girl in her neighborhood, going through all her normal teenage stages, and having a boyfriend and wearing pretty clothes and just having fun with her girls. Until one day her best friend Anne Frank and her family disappear with their house left just the way it was. On May 12, 1940 The Germans were on there was to invalid Holland Amsterdam, (Hannahs Hometown). If a Jew was to be seen, they would be put into concentration camps where there would work all day and hardly get enough to eat, and guess what, Hannah and Anna are Jewish! This book is definitely a page turner.

I recommend this book to anyone who is true to the heart. Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank are two brave heroic souls with unimaginable stories behind them. They will be remembered forever.

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