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Reader reviewed by Caroline

This book is soo incredibly sad, so be sure to have tissues ready for this one.
Chinese Cinerella story is beased on the memoir of Adeline Yen Mah in her childhood days. Her mother died while giving birth to her, so her sister and brothers claim her as the badluck child, having the only acceptance by her loving caring aunt.
Her father was a wealthy buisness man, who ended up falling in love with a very young Eurasion woman and got married and had two kids.
The stepmother seemed to despise all her step children, seeming to pick on Adeline the most. She was a manipulative woman, who got whatever she pleased. Adeline's father never seemed to praise Adeline when accomplishments were done, only paying attention to his new wife and their kids.
With unfair rights, Adeline bears with it, going through every day as an unwanted child.

If you happen to read this story, be sure to read the sequel, Falling Leaves.
It continues from where she had left off, explaining even further more of her adulthood life and how her stepmother still seem to toy with her life as much as possible. And her father knows it, but he also realizes that his wife is out of control ever since her son had died and her daughter (in her words) "betrayed" her. There was no stopping this woman, for she would outsmart anyone.

(Personal Note) The stepmother will honestly want to make you take every single person like herself off of this Earth for they have no dignity to be here. Coldhearted, selfish, rude, heartless, indespictable, shameful, every negative word in the dictionary is made for that woman. Its people like her that make this world an even worse place then it should be.

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