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The diary of Anne Frank tells the story of a Jewish girl and her mother, father and sister, who go into hiding during World War II. It is a heartwrenching story to read. Anne tells of the way they had to live in hiding, of her distant relationship with her mother, her closeness to her father. Anne had a hard time getting along with some of the people who came into hiding with them, most notably the Van Daans. She details her frustrations regarding life in hiding and how she misses her friends and wonders how they are doing. She tells of those who risk themselves to bring them rations and other things. She often goes into the "upstairs" and looks out the window. She has, in hindsight, a heartwarming relationship with Peter Van Daan, who she has her first kiss with. This book is amazing in the fact that Anne keeps the faith after being in hiding for two years. She believes in the good of every person, including those who are capturing and killing Jews. She grows up in hiding and does so with such strength and faith. This book is definately unforgettable.
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