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Reader reviewed by Katherine Worden

In Harmless, Dana Reinhardt writes of what happens when a lie goes too far. Its one of those books when you want to hit the characters over the head, grab them by their shoulders, shake, and scream, what the heck do you think you are doing? You may think Im overreacting, but Im not. Starting out with mistakes like, not telling their parents they are at a party, doing the old, Im at her house, shes at mine trick, and getting caught. Instead of just admitting where they were, the three girls, Anna, Mariah, and Emma decide to come up with the story that a man grabbed them while they were walking, and tried to rape Emma. They got away though. Anna tells his story to her parents, expecting them to say, well, were glad you got home safe, lets forget about this. Hello? You were attacked? And lets just forget about it? That is probably not the smartest story they could have come up with. And it gets even better. Their parents call the police, and the girls still keep up their story, even when it means sending an innocent man to jail. What is their problem? This is a mark of a good writer, making me feel emotion towards the characters, but these girls are old enough to know, you dont joke around about rape, and with police. Just tell the truth for Petes sake!! In my opinion, the characters were really annoying, and kind of stupid. The book was kind of confusing, but not bad as far as story wise, showing how telling lies is bad. In my opinion however, they get off way too easy!
-Katherine Worden

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