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Kids Nonfiction 1576
Bizarre Secret Trivia Galore
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DO NOT OPEN arrives in a (cardboard) metal lock-box, with the name emblazoned across the front, along with the subhead: "an encyclopedia of the world's best-kept secrets."

Who can resist?

Once I actually DO open it, I'm hard put to escape. There are too many fascinating bits of trivia inside. Just to give you an idea, here are a list of just some of the sections:

Unexplained . . .

Unthinkable . . .

Freaky Facts . . .

Unknowable . . .


Opening any page at random, you can read about a secret military base inside a Colorado mountain, hidden gold (more than one-quarter of all the gold in the world is in one bank vault under New York!!), how to time-travel, spooky things (telekinesis, poltergeists, orbs, etc), how brainwashing is done . . .and so much more.

The pages are laid out so as to draw a reader in. Some are cartoon panels, others have windows to open, huge fold-outs, brilliant photos, or eye-catching patterns.

I can't imagine anyone not being fascinated with this book. In fact, we're having a bit of a problem with it at my house right now. We ALL want to read it . . .! Highly recommended.
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