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Reader reviewed by Julie M. Prince

Nearly everyone in the United States is familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. They know the kinds of things these two important figures did for the civil rights movement. What few people realize is that there was another man who was just as vital to the movement. A man who, more than ten years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, also refused to move from his seat. The same man who organized the March on Washington at which Dr. King gave his famous I Have a Dream speech and who taught Dr. King about the concept of nonviolent protest. That man was Bayard Rustin.

This detailed book explains how Bayard Rustin came to be an activist, and exactly why his achievements are so little known. It tells the story of a peaceful man, raised by Quakers. A man with strong convictions who never let injustice go unchallenged. A man who reminded Americans that all men are created equal and that promises made 100 years before his time were not being kept.

Larry Dane Brimner tells an enlightening story of a controversial subject and gives recognition to a man who deserved so much more than he ever received.
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