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It was hard to put it down and do homework.
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Reader reviewed by Natalie Novakowski

This story is about a 12-year-old girl named Makenna. Makennas mother is going to have twins.

One night when Makenna is sleeping, three faeries tell her she is the Virago and she is to protect the twins from evil. The babies are one boy and one girl. The faeries give Makenna a weapon called Armasword.

The next morning Makennas father wakes her up to go to the hospital because the twins are born. That afternoon she goes back with her father and they are almost hit by a car, but Makenna saves him with her skateboard. When she lands in the bushes at the hospital she sees an earthworm. The earthworm speaks to her. The earthworm tells Makenna that three faeries are sent to her to help her on her mission.

After her Mom and the twins come home, a nanny comes. She has a fake English accent. Makenna doesnt like her immediately. The next day when in the park with Mrs. Revel, the nanny, Makenna doesnt trust her. Then Makenna is attacked by giant, ugly dogs. She discovers that her skateboard can fly and become a shield. Makenna finds out that Mrs. Revel is actually the evil person the faeries told her about.

I liked The Chronicles of the Virago very much. It was hard to put it down and do homework. I wanted Makenna to destroy the evil. I also learned that it is important to do things to protect the future.

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