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Reader reviewed by Ian (Age 13)

Mak is a 12-year-old girl who lives in Pasadena, California. Mak's mother is pregnant with twins. One night while she is sleeping, Mak is visited by three faeries who tell her that she is the "Virago", and that she must protect her yet-unborn siblings, a boy and a girl, from the forces of evil. The faeries give her the Armasword, a mystical weapon wielded by David of the Hebrews and King Arthur in the forms of David's Sling and Excalibur. The next morning, Mak's dad wakes her up early to go to the hospital where the twins are born. She instantly falls in love with the two babies. That afternoon after school as she arrives at the hospital to see them again, her dad is almost hit by a car. He would have been if she had not saved him with her Lowrider, a three-wheeled skateboard. Upon landing in the flowerbeds of the hospital after pushing her dad from harms way, an earthworm starts speaking to her. The earthworm, dubbed by Mak Fluffy, has a New York accent. He tells her that he was sent by the Faeries, whose names were Marigold, Bree and Dee, to help her on her quest. A week later when Mak's mother and the twins return from the hospital, a nanny with a fake English accent arrives at the door. The nanny, with her skin pulled too tightly over her face, is called Mrs. Revel, and Mak despises her immediately. The next day when Mrs. Revel takes the twins to the park, Mak tags along because she has been warned that Sir Seaton, the devil, will be searching for the twins to destroy their chance of growing up to defeat all evil. When she arrives at the park, she stays close to Mrs. Revel and the twins in their double stroller. All goes well until Mak is attacked by one of the hounds, giant ugly dogs from hell that can shoot heat beams out of their eyes. She discovers that the Lowrider is her version of the Armasword and has the ability to fly and become a shield. After the battle with the hound is over, Mak discovers that Mrs. Revel is actually Marigold in disguise, and that Fluffy is a traitor that tipped the hound off to their location. Mak must protect the babies from Sir Seaton and his two henchmen. While normally they are unnaturally beautiful women, they can transform into their true form, giant reptilian monsters called the Alghanii.

"The Chronicles of the Virago" is an original book, and Michael K. Bialys writes differently than most authors. This book is for ages 10 and up who enjoy reading about a normal person being thrust into a situation they never dreamed of.
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