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A great adventure book!
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Reader reviewed by Jacob

Brian is riding in a plane when the pilot has a heart attack. Brian flys the plane until he sees a lake; then he tries to land the plane. He ends up in the lake and swims up to shore. He finds a place for a shelter and makes one after he discovers he still has his hatchet. He finds berries to eat and finally perfected his fishing arrow. Later there is a tornado and part of the plane is sticking out of the water. He makes a raft and gets out to the plane, and after several tries he gets the emergancy kit. He gets an emergancy transmitter and turns it on, but nothing happens. He leaves it on and a passing plane gets it.The plane comes and rescues him.

I think if someone read this book and wanted to read more like it they should read Big Red, Irish Red, and Where the Red Fern Grows.

I loved this book because the autor clearly explains things an events so they can be easily understood. I liked how the author, Gary Paulson, really showed Brians personallity.

If you like wilderness books I reccomend this book for you.
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