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Reader reviewed by Blondie17

I really liked this book but at the same time it didn't make any sense. What I mean is that it was completely fake. I'm 13 and will admit that some girls are pretty mean with obscene language and such but we don't physically attack each other like the girls do in the end of the book.
Maybe it's because I don't live in New York that I don't really think this is reality because where I live, all the guys arn't hot and all the girls arn't rich.
And what kind of girls are asked to model when they were simply going for an interview. Any GOOD clique books would show how girls act around boys and girls and how the clique works. This mainly showed how they don't act because look at this. They are 16 year olds in a 12 year olds body.
However I did like the entertainment of how Lisi Harrison thinks girls act. Maybe she should come to Louisiana and study a real school.
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