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Reader reviewed by Kylie

My friend Meagan got me into these Clique series of books. I got the first book, and I read it in 2 days because i just simply couldn't stop reading it, I loved the book. At first i thought the girls, (Massie, Kristen, Dylan, and Alicia) were inoccent and the title The Clique had to do with other girls, but when i got to reading, i found out more, and even though all these girls are sneaky and mischavious, i still love reading the book and i think this is a book I can relate to in a little ways. I think the meanest thing they did to Claire was dump all that salt, gazpacho, and veggie soup on her while she was by the pool. I can totally relate to Claire, because sometimes i feel alone and lonely, and as said in the book, like 15 cents. Overall, I just loved The Clique, and i fully intend to get the reat of the series.
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