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In the mood for something different? 12, Again has two protaganists: 12 year-old Patrick, whos mother has just inexplicably disappeared and Bernadette (Detta), his mother, who suddenly finds herself back in her 12 year-old body, but in the present day. It takes her a while to figure out just what happened and in the meantime, she cant exactly go home besides, whatever magic turned back her biological clock also brought her mother (who is&was&dead) back, but only in her mothers old house.

The book switches between Patrick and Detta. Patrick, always the responsible one in the family, is trying to hold everyone else together. He believes his mother is out there, somewhere, and even sends e-mails to her work email address, since she disappeared with her laptop.

Detta, on her side, is at first bemused and bewildered. She was wishing for something to happen in her life, but definitely not exactly this! She registers at Patricks school and finds herself strangely enjoying what once had been drudgery. She also gets to keep an eye on Patrick there, though he has no idea the strange new girl with the old fashioned clothes is really his mother.

Ultimately, Patrick is the one that helps Detta get her own life back. Hes a resourceful and plucky character and probably my favorite in the book. Detta is also quite charming, though sometimes her reactions dont seem very plausible if shes so worried about how her family is feeling, why doesnt she at least leave them a note or something?

All in all, this was a captivating read with interesting characters. Recommended for readers aged 10 and up.
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