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Jo is a FOOL! But other than that, it's a really good book
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Reader reviewed by FlooCrookshanks

Unfortunately due to a revealing Friends episode (you know the one I mean!), I knew half of the main things that happened in this book before I even picked it up. However, it's beautifully written and easy to read and understand - unlike a lot of classics, which are so garbled it's no wonder you have to study them at school to understand them.

The book has two parts, and I must say, I loved the first part with a dozen passions. The second part was disappointment after disappointment - not because it was bad, don't get me wrong - but as in life, things don't always turn out the way you want them to.

This story will most likely make you smile, sob, and want to tear out specific pages in the hope it would stop certain things from happening. Were I to read it again, I'd read it only halfway and then just pretend everything ended the way I wanted it to. ;)

Four sisters and their mother have to deal with their father being away at war. Meanwhile they meet friends and love interests, grow up and deal with the trials and tribulations of life, and learn to become better people. Marriage proposals, arguments, jobs, illness and heartache are but a few of the things they are forced to deal with, but no matter what, they never stop loving one another.
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