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Rush through this one to get to the rest - it'll be worth it!
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Reader reviewed by FlooCrookshanks

Definitely my least favourite of the series, but it's worth reading just so you can move on and get to the good stuff. It doesn't take long to read either (if you're an older reader, at least) so I suggest you plow through it and move on.

Is there really any point in summarising the plot? I'm sure it's been done dozens of times in other reviews here.

Three siblings' parents die in a fire and they are passed on to the care of a creepy bloke called Count Olaf who just wants their money.

Brilliant, strong, eccentric characters make the series worth the read. I know some people are often put off by the "simple" writing-style (with it being written for children and all), but if you look past that it really is very funny. (Intentionally so.)
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