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Reader reviewed by Alexandra

In this twist on Cinderella, Ella was put under a curse a birth that makes her always obedient. No matter what the command is, she must obey it. Now her mother has just died, and her father is marrying the odious Dame Olga, and sending Ella away to finishing school, despite prostests from both her and Prince Charmont, whom she befriended at the funeral, that she doesn't need to be "finished." The other girls at school makes life horrible for her there, so she runs away. At home, Dame Olga and her new stepsisters, Hattie and Olive, never tire of ordering Ella about, since her father is away on business, and Ella must live as a servant in her own house. But unless the curse is broken, there is nothing she can do about it. I have enjoyed this book for over seven years. It is completely wonderful and timeless.
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