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An amazing book about the effects of school shootings
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Reader reviewed by linda

We've all heard of those school shootings in Columbine and other schools and you've probably read a story like "Give a Boy a Gun" or "Shooter" that examines the reasons for the shootings, but "After" tells a whole other story. As the title suggests, "After" is about the after-effects of school shootings. It's about a school that decides to prevent a school shooting before it starts. While in theory that is a good idea; by counseling "outcasts" and stopping bullying, it could work but that's not what this school's principal was thinking about. The actions were more along the lines of brainwashing, invasion of privacy, and profiling which lead to the arrests of innocent kids and some deaths. "After" is a must-read, one of the best books I have ever read.
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