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Reader reviewed by Danae

The Cilque has a pretty simple storyline. A group of girls at the top of the social chain, and their lives. But there are many unexpected twists and turns along the way.

I didn't like this book as a real book that I would read, but it was fun to waste time with every once in a while. But while the story was amusing, I didn't like how the story seemed to try to portray how "hard" the lives were of these A-List girls. They were spoiled and had no real troubles. At times the book would even make me mad because I would think "How can they be so shallow!" or "Don't they have any real problems???"

I don't think (or at least I hope) there are no girls like this in the real world, because that would just be pitiful. I hope anybody so rich at least has some compassion and better things to do than whine about how you only have 10 Coach bags. But as a book, this was a funny, light read. I recommend it to pass the time, but not as a real serious book that you plan to read for some "quality literature" if you know what i mean! :-)

Hope this helps!
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