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Reader reviewed by Sophie

Massie Block has it all: the money , the clothes, the friends, and the ability to talk her way out of every situation and get whatever she wants. However, when a new girl with Keds moves into the guesthouse on her property, on account of her father being 'old college buddies' with her dad, Massie is forced to miss her shopping trip with her friends and greet the new girl.

Claire Lyons is new, and has just moved from Flordia. She surpised by Massie and her new school, where fashion design is a required course and there Starbucks kiosks all over the place. She is hurt by Massie's strange behavior toward her, and doesn't understand why they can't just be friends.

Ehmogod! Thinks Massie. The new girl is totally unlike her and her shopping obsessed friends, the popular girls of Octavian Country Day. Why can't this new girl just get her own friends anyway!

This book is a good one to read when you want a feel good book where you just want to sit back and read. I enjoyed it, but the book has no rell point or substance, you know?
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