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Set in the late 1400’s in Korea, The Kite Fighters is a story about two brothers, and their love for kites. Young-Sup, the younger of the two is a better kite flyer, but his older brother, Kee-Sup, is more talented at constructing kites. One day while flying a kite, the king passes by, and joins them. The brothers and the king become friends, and after seeing Young-Sup’s skill, asks the brothers to secretly fly for and represent him at the kite fighting competition. During such competitions, kite flyers try to maneuver their kites in such a way that they can cut their opponent’s kites free, or send them to the ground. The team works on perfecting a kite and come up with some clever tricks to help increase their chance of winning—while still abiding to the rules of competition.

But according to tradition, the older brother represents the family and should be the one to fly the kite, but Young-Sup is a better kite flyer. Young-Sup is angry that his brother will fly, but what can he do about it? Will he be able to fly the kite? Or will he have to watch his brother fly it?

The Kite Fighters was a wonderful story! Kite fighting is a unique tradition and an exciting display of skill! A brilliant novel full of friendship, determination, and tradition, The Kite Fighters deserve a 5 out of 5!
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