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A vampire story for those who hate vampire strories!
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Well, I don't really _hate_ vampire books, but Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" was enough for me. But my husband read this book and said, "You MUST read it." So I did. Wow! What a fun, exciting and interesting book! Yes, there is this handsome, sexy, Gypsy guy (woo-woo) who has been at war with this big cheese vampire (boo hiss) for ages, but they both band together to fight an even _more_ evil vampire. Now, here comes the even more terrific part. Their indispensible ally is ... a CAT! Yes, a regular alley cat, or so he does appear. Actually he is a king of cats, has a lot of wisdom, and I wish he had his own book series. Anyway, when the last great battle of the book takes place, the Gypsy hunk plus his former nemesis vampire against the Incredibly Evil Vampire, we get to see (in our mind's eye) a great sight: The Cat King, decked in his battle dress of the red cape with golden trim, his silver earrings and silver necklace, flanked by 40 of his mighty cat warriors similarly attired. Double wow! Who would not gladly go into battle with such blade-brothers at their side? All I will add is this is one heck of a book - there is _always_ something happening that you can't wait to find out the result of (scuse ending that with a preposition.)And that cat - oh me oh my. Reportedly there is a sequel to this book on its way. I can't wait. I hope it has a lot in it about the glorious Cat King. The Gypsy guy is okay, too


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