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Reader reviewed by Leah

Princess Adelina is a shy girl who feels she will always need the protection of her sister. Meryl is fierce, brave, a skillful swordsman, and her protector. Adelina has made Meryl promise to not leave her until she gets married. But things take an unsuspecting turn. When Meryl is diagnosed with the Gray Death, an incurable disease, Adelina must face her fears and go find the cure herself. She knows she will die if she goes, but she will die of shame if she didn't try to help Meryl. With the help of her friends, she goes on her adventure. Batteling ogres, dragons, specters and gryphons Adelina finds the brave person she has kept cooped up all along. With a bittersweet ending, The Two Princesses of Bamarre will show you what being a sister is all about.
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