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A Small Kid with a Big (Funny) Mouth
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We meet sixth-grader Alex "Skinnybones" Frankovitch as he's dumping all of his cat's Kitty Fritters on the floor in order to find the entry blank for the contest he's entering. Unfortunately, his mom doesn't quite believe Fluffy was the one who spilled the Fritters.

This is just the beginning of Alex's woes. He and big athletic T.J. are enemies. T.J. challenges Alex to a pitching contest. (The only problem is, Alex canNOT pitch.) After that not-too-pretty scene, Alex's Little League team (which goes by the catchy name "Fran and Ethel's Cleaning Service") is up against T.J.'s. But, win or lose (and--let's face it--he mostly loses), Alex always carries the day with his wacky sense of humor.

The book has a surprise ending, which leads us irresistibly to the sequel, "Almost Starring Skinnybones." After devouring this funny, quick read, I can't wait to get to the next one!
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