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What Worked: See the Dog has an unexpected twist. The dog is sick and the cat is the substitute. The book goes through simple commands like see the dog dig, fetch, swim… all the things a dog would enjoy doing, and none of the things that a cat would be very happy about. However, the cat is very dutiful in trying to take the dog’s place and many humorous solutions arise to fulfill the commands.
Final Verdict: This is a great book for early readers Preschool-3rd grade. The text and vocabulary lend themselves to decoding. The humor allows for practice with expression. The humor will also keep children eager to turn the page. As a reading intervention teacher, this is exactly the type of book I would want on my shelves for older children (2-3rd grade) not to feel like they are reading a ‘baby book’, but one that looks respectable while offering support in reading. The illustrations were delightful and the cat’s attempt to be the dog very funny. For fans of Mo Willems, this is a great addition to your collection!
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