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So realistic and great for young girls
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Reader reviewed by Dylana

I've read this book before a long, long time ago when I was younger. I picked it up around the house jsut to read again. I loved Judy Blume and this book just reminded me how good she was at depicting the lives of young girls and how they grow up. I loved this book. It was very easy to read and was very realistic. It was about a young girl named Karen, in the 6th grade. Her parents are always fighting and are now getting a divorced. It's hard for her just living mostly with her mom, younger sister, and older brother. She just wants her parents back together again and she tries, but nothing works. This book really makes you understand how hard divorce can be on a child and may help any young girl on how to deal with it. It was sad and very touching, as well as witty and fun, just like the main character, Karen.
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