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intriguing picture book about friendship
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BEFORE WE SLEEP is a sweet story of friendship and missing. Fox and Dormouse are best friends and love playing hide-and-seek. Fox is excited when fall arrives, as this makes it easier for hiding with the fall colors matching fur, but also sad, because it means winter is near, and this is when Dormouse will hibernate. Fox tries to convince Dormouse not to hibernate and imagines ways to make it possible, but in the end, they settle down for a story together and fall asleep.

What I loved: The soft colors and sweet story of friendship will make this a lovely bedtime choice. There is information to be gleaned for young children who may begin to understand about hibernation, fall, and also missing their friends. The story is relatively easy to follow for young readers, and a small amount of text on each page makes them turn quickly, which is great for toddlers and preschoolers on up. The elegant illustrations really shine in this adorable story.

What left me wanting more: The ending felt abrupt and did not really resolve the story, as they fall asleep outside the house - are they now hibernating together? Or will they wake up soon (was this just a night)? It is somewhat unclear after the buildup.

Final verdict: A story of friendship and parting, BEFORE WE SLEEP is a softly told picture book of muted colors and sweet friends.
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