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Failure is unacceptable ... but success could be deadly.
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What I Loved: Children of the Fox was fast-paced and clever from start to finish. Callan was raised by the greatest con artist (gaffer) since he was six years old. Now that he is alone, he wants to get out of the life of being a thief. So, he takes on an unusual job for Mr. Solomon with the promise of more money than he ever imagined. The theft job is beyond dangerous, the details don’t feel quite right, but the payout is just too alluring. Even knowing the best way to trick people is with need, greed, and speed Callan and his team still end up duped.
This job has brought Callan into contact with other talented foxchildren where he develops true friendships. The team gets guidance along the way with the spirit of thieves, Shuna the Fox, when the peril goes beyond theft and literally could mean the end of the world.
What Left Me Wanting More: This book leaves on a major cliffhanger. I hope the sequel comes quickly! The teachings of the Old Man who raised Callan are always in his thoughts. I wonder if subsequent books will have Callan see him again? Their parting was abrupt and left Callan with an unfinished chapter in his life. The last thing was the mystery of Foxtail. She is a girl with a metal plate adhered to her face. I wonder if the purpose will be discussed in later books.
Final Verdict: I realized as I was reading with my son that this is the first time he has had a main character that wasn’t strictly a hero. A thief who cons others for a living ought to define him as bad. Yet, Callan is loyal and does help save the world. Through his actions and loyalty, he does have redeeming qualities. It led to an interesting discussion.
Overall, this book was an action-packed page-turner that is great for older middle-grade readers.
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