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Kids Fiction 201
Tryouts to be the next Easter Bunny
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In BUNNY EARS, a lion, a pig, a kitten, a llama, and a tortoise take turns to see if they can fit the role that comes with the bunny ears. But do you hear an Easter Bunny roar, oink, or purr? The ears on top of the book are soft and fit perfectly on top of each animal's head.

The humor of another animal having bunny ears made my daughter laugh with each turn of the page. The ears are soft which gives that sensory addition for children to love. It teaches animal sounds in a passive way, which I liked a lot. The animals are adorable and even though the ears look silly, it makes you want to cuddle them even more!

Final Verdict: BUNNY EARS is an Easter gift younger children will enjoy. I would not only recommend this as an Easter read, but also for those who love animals. The humor and sensory ears make this an easy five star review.
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