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Together we are the stewards of the Earth
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What I Loved: In the first book, I left wanting to see Willa interact more in nature. In this second installment, we get exactly that! The unresolved issues of the logging enterprise have become the main focus of this book. Willa is deeply troubled by the death and destruction of the trees and animals in the logger’s path. It all feels overwhelming, especially when evil stirs in the forest and can kill with a touch.
Willa is left needing to find proof of her adoptive father’s innocence when loggers are found dead. She is also the last hope for the forest in stopping the destruction and the evil that lurks. She gets help along the way from her animal friends and her family. There is an exciting reveal that eases some of the grief that Willa had in the first book. There are also times that Willa has to face the consequences of decisions she has made and atone for them the best she can. There is a realization there that not everything can be perfect and she has to move past what can’t be changed about the past to face what she can change about the future.
Final Verdict: This was a great second installment of the Willa of the Wood series. I liked that even in the darkest of times, there is family and friends to help. I found the ending to be unexpected, but my nine-year-old assures me that it ended exactly how he thought it would. Willa solves many of the issues that seemed overwhelming as the plot unfolded and I like the newfound maturity she acquires from her experiences.
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