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What I Loved: The Oddmire, Book 1 Changeling delivered a lot of heart and humor in this first installment. It all begins when a goblin named Kull flubs switching a changeling with a human baby. The befuddled mother wakes up to find twins in her crib when she knows she only birthed one baby. The boys, Cole and Tinn grow up knowing one is the changeling, but they both are so mischievous the scales never tip definitively to confirm which child is the monster. I liked that they are told their history and can face the uncertainty together. They grow up knowing why the village is leery of them. It was very tender when both boys reveal they dread to find out if they are the goblin, but each hopes the burden of being the goblin is theirs to spare their brother of the knowledge.
At 13, the boys set off an epic adventure into the Wild Wood that will finally reveal who has been the goblin the whole time. Their mother awakes to find a note and decides she will not sit around and fret. She will go into those woods and find her boys, both of them!
The boys have many coming-of-age experiences and trials that test their loyalty and strength. I loved that the mother is willing to dive right in and nothing will stop her. Her experiences are part of the story and the resolution, not just a starting point for the boys to be the main characters.
Final Verdict: This is a great book for middle-grade readers. It was humorous and epic. It reminds me of The Hobbit and is a must-read for fantasy and adventure fans. I love the recurring message that a family is what you are no matter what differences there are. I love that the characters can come together and that there is inclusivity even when facing beings far outside of the norm.
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