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lovely book of unconditional love
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LOVE YOU BY HEART is a simple but beautiful story of love. Featuring a big and little heart, the book expresses unconditional love, with love regardless of time, good or bad day, and triumphs or fumbles. Written in a lovely poetic style with simple illustrations, this is a sweet read for caregivers to share with the little ones they adore.

What I loved: Although simple, this message of unconditional love is beautiful and speaks from the heart. The expression of love is for all days and all ways, giving readers an understanding of how much love the caregiver feels. The poetic language throughout makes it roll so smoothly off the tongue and is as fun to read aloud as it is to listen to. Illustrations of hearts and simple use of color add to the messaging and fun, and the relatively low amount of words on each page make the pages turn quickly for young readers. This would be a great gift or book to share to help express the love you feel for the little ones in your life.

Final verdict: A sweet and heartfelt message of unconditional love, LOVE YOU BY HEART is a lovely message to share with the little ones you adore.
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