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A Tale for Those Pirate Fans
(Updated: July 21, 2021)
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TELL NO TALES is a graphic novel that features Anne Bonny and her tale of pirating. She has an amazing crew on a sturdy ship, but there are a lot of people who want pirates locked away. Woodes Rogers is one of them and he's after Anne and her friends. Will she be strong enough to avoid him or get thrown in the brig? She'll have to rely on the strength of herself and her crew more than ever.

This story is set back in the 1700s and gives the reader a feel for what it would have been like as a pirate. I love the loyalty Anne and her crew possess and the overall pirate theme of this novel. The diverse cast is an added bonus that I really liked and the illustrations pop off the page like graphic novels should.. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger but that gets me excited for a second book.

Anne as the main character is amazing because she's funny and quirky. While this is a fictional story, it has a historic feel to it that kept me intrigued. Most children can relate to this novel because pirates are a topic of interest. Even though Pirates of the Caribbean is a bit older, it's never going away and TELL NO TALES gives me the same vibes of adventures on the sea.

Final Verdict: TELL NO TALES kept my interest from page one and it's a graphic novel that fans of pirates won't want to miss because it takes you back in time. It's an inside look on what pirate life might have been like and I love the ending, even though it leaves me wanting more.
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