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All the Stuffy!
(Updated: July 21, 2021)
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STUFFED INTO DARKNESS features Clark who is so excited to go to camp, where the Stuffies protect them from monsters. But this time, the monsters are out for revenge and won't stop until they get it. When the Stuffies start to go missing and Clark's life is on the line, it's up to Foon, Clark's Stuffy, to save the day. The problem is that he has to enter the darkness to do so.

When I started this book, I didn't realize it was a sequel. But I'll admit I still thoroughly enjoyed it and the recaps throughout the book prevented me from getting confused. This book shows the power of friendship and how strong caring for someone can make you. I love Loon and Clark's bond and the whole world Liz Braswell created amazes me. I absolutely love that the stuffed animals come to life and defend us from the monsters. Probably one of the coolest concepts and brings me back to my love of Toy Story. I also love the added touch of teaching the reader how to make their own Stuffy to defend them from the monsters.

Final Verdict: STUFFED INTO DARKNESS has a mixtured vibe of Goosebumps and Toy Story, while it also teaches friendship and believing in yourself. This is an adventure that I was excited to go on and it was fun cheering Foon on. Anyone who loves Toy Story and those who debate whether or not your toys come to life at night will enjoy this one.
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