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Mama Is Sick in Bed
(Updated: July 20, 2021)
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When Mama Rabbit falls ill, it's up to Papa Rabbit to go get medicine and her children to make her feel all better. Her children bring her all kinds of things. Like a cuddly toy, a juicy apple, and a shiny necklace. All of these things help cheer Mama Rabbit up which also helps make her feel better!

TAKING CARE OF MAMA RABBIT teaches children that sometimes parents get sick and they can help them get better. When I get sick, my little girl likes to help me so this was a relatable book for us. The illustrations are a little unique and different which brings something new to the table of children's books. Illness isn't anything to joke about and this book stays true to simply helping others feel better.

Final Verdict: This is a good book for all children to read because parents are invincible. We get sick too and it's okay. It's also good for children who like rabbits.
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