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HAPPY LITTLE OGRE features our favorite characters from Shrek as babies. It's full of ogre fun and silliness from burps to passing gas. In this one, we get to see everyone and not just Shrek. There's Baby Donkey, Baby Fiona, Baby Puss in Boots, and Baby Gingerbread. The group of friends love playing together and even convince Shrek to leave his swamp.

Shrek loves having his friends over, even though he loves his privacy. Even though he's a baby in this one, it's still the Shrek we love who's dirty and funny. My little girl adored seeing Shrek as a baby and laughed with each page. I love how bright the colors are which will catch the eyes of any baby.

Final Verdict: Fans of Shrek won't want to miss any of the silliness in this book because it's so appealing seeing the characters from that movies as babies. Switches things up and makes it more fun for children to read.
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