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THE TOPSY-TURNY PRINCESS AND THE PESKY PEA is a cute twist on the Princess and the Pea fairytale about what to do when you just cannot sleep. The Princess is a sensitive sleeper, but with her bed piled with mattresses, pillows, and blankets, she always gets a good night's sleep. She loves to spend her days with the many people who work around the castle. While she is doing that, her brother is eating pea soup in her room, and he loses a pea somewhere in her bed. Unable to find it, he leaves it there. However, that night, everything feels wrong, and the Princess cannot sleep.

When she is falling asleep the next day, the people that she spends time with tell her the techniques (yoga, meditation, relaxation) that they use to help them fall asleep. The Princess practices them, and she is eventually able to fall asleep. The end of the book goes into a bit more detail about these techniques for use at home.

What I loved: This is a great book of useful techniques for falling asleep. Everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes, and different things will help different people. The breadth of techniques shown in the book are really helpful, and this would be a great pick for children who might be having trouble sleeping sometimes. The backmatter helps to further detail these techniques to make sure readers can replicate them on their own. The illustrations are vivid and capture the story so well.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, the text can be pretty dense in places, and it's a fairly long story. This would work better for older picture book readers for this reason. The actual fairytale is pretty limited, and it's really more about the techniques.

Final verdict: Overall, THE TOPSY-TURNY PRINCESS AND THE PESKY PEA is a picture book to help with learning techniques to promote sleep. Would recommend this for older picture book readers who are looking for new things to try when they can't sleep rather than those looking for a fairytale (though there is a bit of that too!).
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