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Amari and the Night Brothers Review
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This was such a fun story. I’m really glad that it didn’t take long for Amari to get into the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Alston did the right amount of background story before Amari ended up there and it worked perfectly. I absolutely loved the flow of this story and it held my interest right from the beginning. I thought that everything was very well thought out and planned. Amari and the Night Brothers is meant for Middle Grade readers and it fits this audience amazingly. I really wish I had a book like this growing up. It was so much fun and it was really easy to follow along. Alston blended the real and supernatural world in such a unique way, I loved learning which supernaturals made the story! I think my favorite was about the Boogey’s. And then the ending?! I can honestly say that I was not expecting that and it was such a great twist. Even though it made me a little sad, it was very well orchestrated.

Even though this was such a fun story to read, it really was the characters that captured this story. I think for a Middle Grade book, having a character to really stand behind is what connects to the readers. I know I’m personally a more character driven reader, and this hit the spot. Amari was such an easy character to get behind and root for her. All she wants is to find Quinton and she’ll stop at nothing to find out what has happened to him. What I liked most about Amari’s character, and made it really easy to relate to her, is that she never really didn’t do anything extraordinary. She didn’t automatically become smarter or stronger just because she was the heroine of our story, but she worked hard and all the choices she made was within her reach. I loved this because it made me root for her even more to succeed. Ellie was such a great roommate and I’m so glad that Amari had someone like her on her side. Laura was a bit obvious of how she was going to end up, which in an adult novel would have bothered me, but her villainess was perfect for this story.

Overall, Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston was a great Middle Grade read! Even as an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure of Amari’s and how it’s just the beginning. For the intended audience, it is definitely a must read. If I had something like this at that age, I would have been all over it. The story is fun and super easy to engage in. Amari is such a fantastic main character and I know that the audience will fall in love with her and root endlessly for her victory. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy fantasy and the supernatural world. Even as an adult, you’ll enjoy what this story has to bring. I know I’ll be following along and seeing what else Amari has to offer.
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