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Kids Fiction 149
A Land Without Color
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In this second installment of Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly, Ruskin is on a royal errand to find lava rocks to stop a deadly firestorm from destroying the kingdom when he and Cinder find their way into Shadow Hills. Here the land and dragons are cursed. There is no color, and everything is a struggle, as if they are living underwater. The only dragon immune is Ruskin who remains scarlet.

Shadow Hills is a fast paced adventure quest that finds Ruskin back with his dragon friends of Crestwood. Cinder accompanies Ruskin to find the mystical lava rocks, but they are trailed by another dragon, jealous of their friendship. This dragon creates all sorts of mayhem for our heroes.

As I’ve come to expect with this series, the illustrations are just as telling as the words themselves, sometimes expressing more of the story to the readers. Early independent readers will delight in the fast-paced nature of the story and will love the playful nature of the dragons. Even my ten year old loves the stories, devouring them in one sitting. I highly recommend it!
Good Points
-Fast-paced adventure
-Perfect for newly independent readers
-Engaging illustrations
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