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cute picture book about handling disappointment
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SECOND BANANA is an adorable picture book read about disappointment, looking at things in a new way, and friendship. Mrs. Millet's class puts on a cool play each year about nutrition and food. Each of the 15 children in the class get a role and get to say a line. This year, however, there are 16 kids in the class, and so, there is a second banana. The second banana is really disappointed - she wanted to be the only banana. Her family doesn't understand, and she is really upset, but then she finds the first banana and realizes they are also unhappy with the role for a different reason. Seeing their side of things, second banana comes up with a new idea to make this the best pageant ever.

What I loved: This is a sweet story about disappointment and handling it. The second banana is unhappy with the role assigned and wishes things were different, as she gets to know the first banana, she finds a new way to be happy with the role, teaching children to empathize and find new perspectives as well make the most of a bad situation. The story is fairly simple but captures all the emotions so well. The illustrations are full of colors and portray the story so well. With funny banana puns, this is a really delightful story.

The font is clear and easy to read, placed on the light backgrounds for easier reading, and this would work well for toddlers through elementary school readers.

Final verdict: A sweet story about disappointment and friendship, SECOND BANANA encourages children to make the most of setbacks and empathize with others.
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