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STAR OF THE PARTY is an adorable and fun picture book about the solar system. Using a fictional story about the planets throwing a party for the sun, the book manages to tell facts about the solar system in a way that does not feel like nonfiction. There are some fun and funny moments as well as plenty of bright colors and cartoonish planets.

What I loved: This is such a delightful way to learn basic facts about the solar system. The planets are infused with a lot of personality and silliness that is sure to make children giggle. The premise makes it a fiction book that somewhat subtly teaches about space in a way that children will find approachable. As a resource, this would be a great choice for the classroom to spark an interest in learning more and could definitely inspire throwing a party for the sun - it is a pretty cool feature of our solar system. The illustrations are great, capturing the personalities of the planets with a cute, cartoonish style.

What left me wanting more: The book is a bit lengthy, with quite a bit of text on each page, so it would work better for older children who won't mind if the pages turn slowly. The writing can be a bit awkward in places to get the information out.

Final verdict: STAR OF THE PARTY is a delightful and cute picture book that teaches about the solar system amidst a cute story. This would be great for elementary school classrooms and older picture book readers.
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