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LITTLE CALABASH features a calabash (which is a kind of serving bowl) who is much smaller than the rest. Because of his size, he's rarely used and this makes him sad. Today is Keoki's birthday and Little Calabash is determined to be used.

Using his weight, he rocks back and forth to push himself out of the back corner of the cabinet. Some of the other kitchenware are supportive while others try to tell him he's wasting his time. It takes effort, but he manages to wiggle his way to the front and Keoki's mother spots him with ease just as Keoki asks for one his size.

LITTLE CALABASH has a BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER feel to me with the kitchen appliances talking. I love how determined Little Calabash is and that it teaches children to never give up. It also shows that even small things have a place. Little Calabash is just the right size for Keoki. To be honest, before reading this, I didn't know what a calabash was so this book was educational for both me and my daughter. There's also a glossary in the back for terms some may be unfamiliar with.

Final Verdict: LITTLE CALABASH is an adorable story that shows you can do anything you put your mind to. I would recommend it for those who loves stories about different cultures and uplifting books to teach children to be strong.
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