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cute picture book about appreciating your work
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ARLO DRAWS AN OCTOPUS is a cute picture book about perfectionism, self-acceptance, and new perspectives. Arlo loves octopuses, and he has decided that he is going to draw one. As he begins to sketch, nothing looks the way he wants it to. The head looks more like a hill, and the arms look more like random roads. He knows that not everyone is good at everything, but he is still upset when it seems nothing like what he had wanted to draw. He crumples it up and throws it, but knowing he shouldn't litter, he goes to pick it up. Instead of picking up his own drawing, he finds someone else's - an octopus had drawn Arlo! Even though the octopus did not like his drawing of Arlo and Arlo did not like his drawing of the octopus, each of them likes the other's drawing and thinks they are good! Arlo begins to realize that maybe his drawing wasn't so bad afterall.

What I loved: This is a cute story for perfectionists to step back and enjoy what they have created, even if it was not exactly what they had in mind. The cute ending to the story is a pleasant surprise, and I love the way they come together with support for what the other has made. Although everyone may not be perfect at everything, the book encourages readers to keep going and enjoy what they have made.

The illustrations are great, and I loved the choices of color and detail as Arlo draws. The font is clear and easy to read, making this a great choice for reading aloud. The book will resonate best with elementary school aged readers, who may have experienced similar feelings to Arlo in their art or writing.

Final verdict: A cute story about self-acceptance and appreciating your work as it is, ARLO DRAWS AN OCTOPUS is a great picture book read for perfectionists. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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