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DUCKS ON THE ROAD is a charming and simple picture book with a counting theme. Mama and Papa Duck are taking their 10 ducklings for a walk - until the tenth duckling stops to say hello to a frog. Then, they are taking their 9 ducklings for a walk - until the ninth duckling stops to say hello to a mouse. This continues until all the ducklings are gone! But they are all soon reunited along with all of their animal friends.

What I loved: This is a great counting down book that travels from 10 down to 1 and then back up to 11. The addition of different animals that the ducklings stop to talk to during the book will definitely appeal to young readers. The illustrations are lovely, and I appreciated all the details that went into the scenery and flowers. There is a lot to look at on each page. The font is also printed large and clear, making it a great choice for bedtime and reading aloud.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, I wanted to know where the eleventh duckling came from, as it just appears at the end. The text also almost has a rhythm but does not quite get there, so it does not quite have that nursery rhyme feel.

Final verdict: With lovely illustrations, many animals, and a bit of counting fun, DUCKS ON THE ROAD is a charming picture book for toddlers and preschoolers.
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