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In this seventh and final book in the series, we catch up in Sweden with Dani, who has recently been on a journey to visit long time friend Ella, but has had to turn around and go back home when Ella wasn't there. Dani then became gravely ill, and was in the hospital for some time. Her father, who is from Italy, has been sad because he has broken up with his girlfriend, Sadie. I get the feeling that Dani's mother must have passed away. When Dani is recuperating, she asks her father to marry Sadie, and after a less-than-romantic proposal, the two agree to to this. Dani is happy, especially when Sadie tells her a secret. In the meantime, Ella is cleaning up a vacation home with her mother and younger sister Miranda, and is missing her old friend. Dani misses Ella so much that instead of going to Venice with her father and new step-mother, she arranges to go home with her grandmother so that she can surprise Ella with a visit. The two friends are glad to be reunited, and Dani returns to her normally cheery self.
Good Points
This is a chapter books with lots of white space on the page, large font, and occasional line drawings, making it a perfect transition book for young readers in early elementary school. It had a very Carolyn Haywood, B is for Betsy vibe, and seems old fashioned, despite what seems to be jet-setting behavior.

This seemed a bit old fashioned, perhaps because it is a translation from the Swedish original. I've read a few other books from this country, and they seem to have a particularly good style for younger readers, similar to some of the British Jacqueline Wilson books-- much longer than US elementary centered books, but with plenty of pictures and simpler wording that make them easy to read.

Readers who were big fans of Potter's Piper Green series, O'Connor's Nancy Clancy, or Branford's Violet Mackerel will enjoy this continuation of Dani's story, and will hopefully try to emulate her sunny personality! Now, I really want to go and read all of Maj Lindman's Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka and Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr books, which are also set in Sweden!
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