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delightful picture book about starting school
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SCHOOL IS COOL! is a delightful picture book to celebrate all the cool things about school. Although the animals start off nervous about their first day of school, they quickly learn how awesome it is with so much to learn, new friends to make, and interesting new things to create.

What I loved: The illustrations are absolutely fantastic in the Moyles' usual style with bright, neon colors, adorable animals, and loads of fun details. These are complemented by the rhyming text that rolls off the tongue and manages to stay super-positive, even when talking about tough things like worrying if others will like you at school and leaving your parents for the day.

This is a great choice for children who will be attending school for the first time, as it offers these common worries while managing to stay positive and suggest that you look cool and parents will return in no time (and their love will stay with you all day). The majority of the book focuses on all the cool things you get to do at school, like recess, art, and learning new things. This positive and upbeat book highlights all the things that make school a fun place to be.

Final verdict: With rhyming text and fantastic illustrations, SCHOOL IS COOL! is a delightful picture book to help get children excited about starting school. Recommend for preschoolers and those starting kindergarten.
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