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heartfelt story about the importance of kind words
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BLOOM is a sweet picture book about the power of kind words. A young girl passes by a beautiful flower in front of a big house every day and tells it how wonderful it is and how much she loves it. That is, until the old man who lives there tells her not to talk to his flower. The next day, he is surprised when the flower won't bloom. He blames his gardener and tries everything he can think of to take care of the flower, while telling it how important he is and how lucky it is to be in his garden. Eventually, he learns from the little girl how to talk to his flower, and he realizes that he is lucky to have it and that it is wonderful.

What I loved: The story is simple and conveys the power of kind words (not just for flowers). This is an important theme and is demonstrated so beautifully in this story. The illustrations bring the story to life with bright colors, a large and pretty flower, and fun characters. The font is clear and easy to read throughout, making this a great choice for story time. The length of the story and amount of text on each page works well for toddlers through elementary school aged readers.

Final verdict: A heartfelt story with an important theme, BLOOM is a sweet picture book read about the importance of kind words and appreciation. Lovely illustrations add to the fun of this great read.
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