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I AM LOVED is a picture book that captures the foster child experience. A young boy is in foster care with new people that seem so different from his family. Although he does not understand when he may get to go back home, he knows that this mother needs to get better first. He also knows the secret that his anaanattiaq (grandmother) told him that love can travel anywhere in an instant. He knows that he is loved by her and his whole family, as well as by the land, sun, and moon. The book reminds the audience that they are loved too. The backmatter includes pronunciation guides for the Inuktitut words used throughout.

What I loved: The illustrations here are lovely and full of hope, showing the love surrounding the boy throughout. The focus on an Inuit child adds an extra special touch for the audience. The book is quite hopeful, although it also manages to address the concerns and fears that children in foster care may have. This could be a great tool for new foster children to help to understand their situation and open up discussions for their own concerns and worries.

The font is large and clear, while also leaving plenty of room for the full-page illustrations. This would be a great pick for foster parents to share with foster children. The pronunciation guides at the end are also helpful, and I appreciated the inclusion of Inuktitut words throughout the story.

Final verdict: I AM LOVED is a conversation-starting picture book about foster care with an emphasis on love and support. The Inuktitut language and character make this one that would be perfect particularly for Inuit children in foster care.
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