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delightful picture book celebrating diversity and new friends
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OUR FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR is a story of celebrating diversity and making new friends. Musa is starting a new kindergarten class, and he is nervous about meeting all these new children. His teacher tells them that they will be sharing their favorite days of the year for show-and-tell that year. Musa is so excited to share Eid with the class, thinking that it must also be everyone's favorite day. As the year goes on, each student shares their favorite days, such as Eid, Rosh Hoshanah, Christmas/Las Posadas, and Pi Day. Each time, the other students can see why that student loves that day.

What I loved: The book does a great job of laying out the interesting parts of each holiday to spark interest, while also introducing great characters. The diversity of characters and holidays was also fantastic, and it really celebrates diversity and embracing others. The illustrations are lovely and accompany the text well. The style and details make for beautiful images on each page. The book also subtly encourages children who might be worried about starting at a new school and making friends.

This book would be better for elementary school aged readers and children who can sit through a longer story, as the descriptions of the holidays make it a little lengthier. The story is fully engaging, and the font is clear throughout.

What left me wanting more: As a very small point, although I appreciated the backmatter and descriptions, pronunciation guides would also have been helpful (though google can also help with this!) for people who are reading out-loud and may not be familiar with the correct pronunciations.

Final verdict: A delightful celebration of diversity and favorite days, OUR FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR is a lovely story of the different holidays we celebrate and the joy of new friends. Recommend for elementary school aged readers and particularly those beginning kindergarten.
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