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ME & MAMA is a lyrical and sweeping picture book about the special bond between mother and child. Told in a beautiful poem, the book captures a day from the perspective of a young girl who is enjoying spending time with her mother. She likes to wake early to spend time with her mother before her brother and father wake. It's raining outside, and her mother says it's the perfect day for boots and puddles. As they lovingly get ready for the day and then explore outside, every moment between mother and daughter is filled with their love. The story continues all the way until the young girl drifts off to sleep with all her good memories of the day with her mother.

What I loved: The illustrations and prose are both exceptionally beautiful and capture all the love and magic of spending a wonderful day with someone you adore. The writing flows gorgeously and smoothly throughout, making it a great choice for reading aloud and sharing with little ones. The illustrations capture it all so lovingly, and there are so many details that each page can be enjoyed for a while.

I also really loved the asides of mishaps during the day, like the broken cup that Mama just says sometimes things break, and the bumblebee barrette that she rejects and says she doesn't like, but Mama knows she means just for today. Although this day could seem fairly typical, the joy and charm of a day spent in love makes it worthy of the story.

Final verdict: Lovely, sweeping, and gorgeously illustrated, ME & MAMA is a beautiful story of love and everyday magic. Highly recommend for toddlers through elementary school readers- and for sharing with their mothers.
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