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imaginative and charming picture book about acceptance
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A HOUSE FOR EVERY BIRD is an imaginative picture book that emphasizes the importance of not making assumptions about birds and what they like. A young girl has drawn birds and houses for each bird, with blue houses for blue birds and tall houses for tall birds. But then, the birds begin to move around to find the houses that suit them best, much to her chagrin. As her frustration builds, she realizes that maybe she didn't know what was best for each bird- but how would she have known? The birds have the answer- ask them.

What I loved: This was a really cute story with a solid message of accepting others for who they are and approaching understanding not by appearance but by conversation. The story features a lot of character frustration as the girl does not like all the switches, and this is delightful for young children who can appreciate the feeling but also enjoy the silly situation. The illustrations are imaginative with plenty of colors and artwork features throughout. The dialogue bubbles add to the fun with having the birds chat. The ending brings it all together well and is an adorable finish to a cute book.

Final verdict: With imaginative illustrations and a cute story, A HOUSE FOR EVERY BIRD is a delightful picture book about not making assumptions about others and instead getting to know them. Recommend for preschool and elementary school aged readers.
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