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sweet board book of mother-child love
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MOMMY LOVES YOU is a sweet board book of love between mother and child. The book features mother and baby animal pairs with mentions of how they show their love, such as singing, snuggles, and kisses. Each page has a heart that lifts to show the next baby animal and ask who loves them until the last page asks who loves you. The last page declares that mommy loves you and features a mirror for young children to check out themselves.

What I loved: This book is simple and full of love! The pages turn really quickly, which is great for infants and young toddlers. The flaps on each page add some interactive fun, and the mirror will delight young children who enjoy looking at themselves. The illustrations are full of color and feature a lot of sweet scenes between cartoonish mother and baby animals (some babies are she and others he). The pages and flaps are really thick and sturdy, so this book is made to be handled by infants and toddlers.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the flaps bend on the crease of the book, and so they do not sit flat well when turning pages. Each time you turn the page, the flap goes with it, so you have set it back down/get the preview before finishing the page (so it ends up being more of a lay-down-the-flap vs. lift-the-flap).

Final verdict: For mothers who are looking for a way to bring love and reading to infants and young toddlers, MOMMY LOVES YOU is a sweet board book with a loving message.
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